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PAC Information

École College Heights Elementary Parent Advisory Council


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Constitution and Bylaws:  ECHE PAC Constitution and Bylaws 2018

District Parent Advisory Council (DPAC)

Our staff at École College Heights Elementary are dedicated to providing the very best education for your child. We as parents are an important component in making this possible! 


There is a direct correlation between parent involvement and student achievement. We encourage everyone to become involved in the school, family, and community partnership. Build a network of support with other parents and our wonderful school staff. Help to plan, implement, evaluate, and continually improve the quality of your child's learning environment. Connect and communicate; we are a valuable resource for our school.


How to get involved

  1. Attend PAC Meetings

PAC meetings include an update report from the ÉCHE Principal, as well as planning and decision-making regarding extracurricular school events.


  1. Complete your Criminal Record Check

In order to volunteer in any capacity at the school please see the office to complete the required volunteer paperwork and criminal record check.  There is no cost to have your criminal record checked and it is valid for three years.


  1. Volunteer for School Events

Answer PAC volunteer calls when they come via email, registration sign-ups, or newsletters.


  1. Join PAC Executive

There is a lot you can do by joining PAC Executive, even if you only have a little available time! Only about 2% of ÉCHE parents/guardians are regularly involved with our school PAC; most of those are the PAC Executive who are working parents like you. We need your engagement and help to make fun school activities happen!


ÉCHE PAC organizes:

  •    School dances
  •    Legomania
  •    Hot lunches
  •    Fruit and Veggie Program
  •    Movie nights
  •    Fundraisers


ÉCHE PAC provides funds for:

  •    Special initiatives, such as the mobile computer labs
  •    Sports Day
  •    Winter Carnaval
  •    School concerts
  •    Classroom incentives
  •    Classroom field trips and bussing


2023/2024 ÉCHE PAC Executive

Chair:   Melissa Beebe

Vice-Chair:   VACANT

Treasurer:   Breanne Hill

Secretary:   Kim Stathers

DPAC Representative: VACANT

Hot Lunch Coordinator:   Stacey Pickering

Member at Large:   Samantha Dube  

Member at Large:   April Tod

Member at Large:   Stefanie Young

Member at Large:   Aleisha Enemark


2023/2024 ÉCHE PAC Meeting Schedule

Tuesdays at 6:30 pm online:

September 19

November 21

February 20

April 16

June 18 (Annual General Meeting)

Meeting details are sent to all ÉCHE parent/guardians via email.